Sometimes life takes us in new directions with careers and families etc… and sometimes we have to say “so long” for a while. It happens… But it’s really nice to hear from our estranged CrossFit family members now and then and hear how much they miss us 🙂

Bitter sweet.


I can’t express how much I miss Crossfit 604. I went to my first class in Edmonton at Crossfit XXXXXXX. MAN OH MAN! They do things very differently. 

Awesome people, but the beautifully inclusive, fun, safe, hard working environment was NOT there at all. No one introduced themselves. First 35 mins is do whatever you want to work on, no trainer, then we did a 20sec demonstration of the WOD and did a 20 min workout. it was crazy unsafe and not helpful, sadly it made me not want to ever do crossfit again.

So with that rant … To Jason and Riley, and ALL the coaches … you really have created the most incredible gym. You make every day fun. You push everyone beyond their limits … safely. I can’t thank you enough. You have something special. Something unique.

Thank you

Your long lost crossfitter!
Morgan J

We miss you too Morgan! Hang in there buddy…