I received this email today from a newer member… Thought I’d share… names have been removed 😉

Hey Jason,
I wanted to send you a quick email regarding my experience so far.
When I started, I joined ***********. I had a pretty shitty experience there. Staff weren’t that friendly, gym was small, owner wasn’t the nicest. I quit after a couple months.

When I found 604, I was pretty hesitant. i didn’t want the same experience. and as you know it is expensive (as all crossfits are). I took the plunge, and after my first class i knew i made the right choice. 

The staff at 604 are amazing. Every single one. I have now done a class with all the trainers, each of them being very different, but equally awesome. They are super friendly, extremely supportive, and make you want to stay for the next class, even though I can barley walk after.

I’ve lost weight in the past, but only felt skinnier, not stronger. This time, i have never felt stronger or skinnier. Key part being stronger. I have been doing that whole Paleo thing for the last 3 weeks. I’m pretty sure I will never go back to “normal” eating again. I haven’t felt bloated in 3 weeks. I feel great after every meal. Being in culinary school, i have gotten pretty creative with the things i’m making. Its more of a challenge. I love it!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for building such a great gym and environment.
I can’t wait to continue my training, and keep on getting stronger and more in shape.

Thank you!