We’ve created our own strength and conditioning program to ensure you are getting the most from your training. We record everything you do digitally so there are tangible results of your success and ours. Every minute of the classes are lead by two coaches to ensure your expectations of quality are always exceeded.

Today’s Wod

Aug 18 2018

Big dynamic warm-up + stretch (hip, hamstring, mid-line)

Review WOD A and give 8-10 min to warm-up Back squat + Deadlift to working weights


Complete 4 rounds for time:
10 Back squats (225/155)
10 Deadlifts (275/185)
Run 400m
– Rest 2 minutes between each round –

Scale wights accordingly to heavy but safe loading. First 2 rounds should be unbroken.
Weights should be no more that 70% of 1RM
Partner up with someone using the same or similar weights to you. Share 2 barbells and stagger start by 2 mins.
Score is time to complete minus 6 min rest (and possible stagger time).

Cool down, Rollout, stretch.
See you at our 6 year anniversary party this afternoon!!

Weekly Summary

Program Summary July 23rd – 29th, 2018

Monday: back squat / lower body
Tuesday: bench press / upper body
Wednesday: big conditioning WOD
Thursday: snatch / deadlift
Friday: gymnastics / met-con
Saturday: benchmark
Sunday: clean & jerk / strength work

Program Summary July 16 – 22nd, 2018

Monday: Push press + Gymnastics/Conditioning WOD
Tuesday: Back squat + Strength (Optional Conditioning)
Wednesday: Long EMOM (mixed movements)
Thursday: Deadlift + Clean WOD
Friday: Bodyweight WOD
Saturday: Benchmark / Hero
Sunday: Snatch + Accessory strength

Program Summary July 9th – 15th, 2018

Monday: Push press / Gymnastics upper body
Tuesday: Deadlift testing + short WOD
Wednesday: Aerobic Conditioning intervals
Thursday: 3 mixed movement AMRAP’s
Friday: Snatch + WOD
Saturday: Benchmark
Sunday: Clean + Jerk + Accessory strength

Wod Archive

Aug 14 2018

WARM UP - MOBILITY Dynamic joint warm-up, hip/squat mobility Blue band glute warm-up (steps, squats, glute bridges etc) --- 5-7 min to warm-up back squats WOD A BACK SQUAT X 2 Every 2 min x 8 sets: Sets: 1-4: 5-4-3-2 reps @ 65-85% of 1RM building each set Sets 5-8: 2...

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Aug 13 2018

WARM UP - MOBILITY Red band shoulder warm-up (dislocates, pull-aparts, presses etc.) 2 rounds: 2 sets of 5 push-ups + wall walk to 10s HS hold 10 step down box jumps 10 Ring rows 10 Hollow rocks + 10 Tuck-ups or V-ups WOD A EMOM x 20: (5 sets of each movement...

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Aug 12 2018

WARM UP - MOBILITY Big dynamic joint warm-up + stretch Squat / Overhead / Front rack mobility --- Clean + Jerk tech and warm-up drills WOD A 3 POSITION CLEAN + 1 JERK 1 Clean from the high hang, 1 from the hang, 1 from the floor, then one Split Jerk. Every 2 min x 6...

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Aug 11 2018

WARM UP - MOBILITY Big dynamic joint warm-up 2 rounds: 20-30s each: Hip opener lunge or elevated pigeon pose on box Bench/box overhead stretch Bench/box dip extension stretch WOD A 8-10 min of ring muscle-up skill work: Athletes new to the movement start with low ring...

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Aug 10 2018

WARM UP - MOBILITY Dynamic running warm-up then 2 rounds with a light-moderate KB: 15 KB swings 10 Goblet step back lunge steps 10 Goblet squats - 30-45s/side Hip opener between rounds --- Review / Warm-up WOD A movements with an empty barbbell WOD A 3 DEADLIFTS, 2...

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