1 Round:

8-10 reps each leg: hip circles, leg swings, calf stretches, lateral lunges, banded side steps, banded forward/back steps, 8-10 Bulgarian Split Squats each leg @ 2011 tempo


60 secs each side Front Rack mobility w/band or PVC while explaining WODs


WOD A) (FS/BS Cycle – 22 mins) 3 sets of:

7 Front Squats followed immediately by 13 Back Squats @ 90-95% of Tuesday (55-60% of 1RM)

*Rack the bar after completing 7 FS, then immediately re-rack in BS position and complete 13 BS*

Rest approx. 2-3 mins between sets of 20


WOD B) “Cheeky Helen” 3 Rounds for time:       


400m Run

12 Burpee-Pullups – Arms don’t have to start at full-extension, you can jump straight into each rep. Make sure your pullup bar is no lower than base of your palm though.

*Adv: Chest to Bar

*Int: Regular Pullups – scale to 8-10 reps if needed

*Beg/Band Assisted: 4-5 Band Pullups + 4-5 Burpees x 2

21 KB Swings 32/24kg – first round should be challenging but unbroken