20-25 Dislocates w/band

6-8 Reps per exercise banded w/2 second pause at end range: Trap Raises, Side Raises, Pull-Aparts Pronated/Supinated, External Rotation Pronated/Supinated, Behind Neck Press



8-10 reps per exercise banded: Steps L/R/F/B, Good Mornings, Glute Bridge, Good Mornings, Squats


WOD A) (17 mins) Hang Power Snatch: 3 reps EMOM for 10 mins (Use first few sets as your warmup and progressively add weight but not to absolute max; keep it fast)


WOD B) 40 secs on/20 secs off for 5 rounds (15 mins):

Push Press or Jerk 115/80lb

Knees to Elbow

Box Jump 30/24” – Games Standard