Shoulder/Arm circles

Ankle circles/Calves /Hamstrings/Quad dynamic stretch – 5 mins

Shoulder stretch with green or blue band: anterior, posterior, bully, overhead x 30-40 secs per postion


WOD A) 3 Rounds NFT (16 mins):


1) Complete a set of strict Pullups to 1 rep shy of failure; on that last rep complete a 20-30 second controlled descent (Band assisted aim for 4-6 reps)

2) Ring Extensions x 3-5 cycles of L/R/Double – slow and controlled, keep glutes squeezed (perform in plank position with alternating hand reaches + double hand walkout to as low as you can maintain position, then back up to plank)

3) Handstand Hold x 60 secs practice


WOD B) Alternating w/partner or work:rest 1:1

4 x 200m Sandbag Sprint 70/45lb – carry slamball or medball if sandbag is too heavy

4 x 200m Sprint

*total of 8 sprints each