DATE – Monday

Warm-up: 2 rounds:

50’ Walking lunge (1st round Sampson, 2nd light plate overhead)

8-10 Ring rows

50’ Banded side step (switch half way)

20 Mountain climbers (slight pause to get foot flat, 10/side)

15 Hollow rocks (20-30s Hollow hold)


Mobility: Banded hip capsule external rotation stretch + Banded front rack stretch


WOD A) In 20 min establish a 1 rep max front squat

If you know your current 1RM here is a suggested build up:

8-10 x 30-40%

5 x 60%

3 x 70%

2 x 75-80%

1 x 80-90%

1 x 90-95%

1 x 95-100%

1 x 100-105%

You really have to take the final singles by feel once you’re there. By 90%, experienced lifters should know if it’s a day to PR or not. Listen to your body and be smart about your lifts and weight choices (as always!). Please be sure to record this lift in your WOD books, we will be doing lots of  %-based work of this in the coming months.


WOD B) For time: (15 min time cap)

50-40-30-20-10 x Wallballs (20/14)

10-20-30-40-50 x Doubleunders (3/1 singles)

(Rx is the workout as written for time; Rx+ is all sets unbroken. If you think you can make it through all the wallballs unbroken, and are proficient at doubleunder sets above 50, then give it a try! Newer athletes scale wallball weight and/or to 30-25-20-15-10.)