Warmup/Mobility) 2 Rounds:


8-10 Shoulder Circles each direction

6-8 Hip Circles each direction/leg

8-10 Leg Swings each direction/leg

5-6 Lunges each leg, 5-6 lateral lunges each leg

4-5 Band Shoulder Press + Behind the neck press

60 secs Overhead-Lat stretch with green band – both hands in together

60 secs frog stretch


WOD A) (18-20 mins) Overhead Squat: 10 @ Barbell or PVC/8/6/6/4/4/4 reps – progressively add weight if form is perfect but do not got to absolute max. Modify for Front Squat if you are working on your overhead mobility


WOD B) “Bergeron Beep Test” *Courtesy of CrossFit New England*

EMOM – complete the work within the minute for as many rounds as possible

7 Thrusters (75/55lb – weight should be easily unbroken)
7 Pull-ups
7 Burpees
*Score last complete round (min) plus reps in last min – coaches use EMOM clock*

**Scale to 6 reps Intermediate, 5 reps beginner. Reps need to be unbroken in order to keep within the minute. There is also the option of Jumping Pullups or Ring Rows if Banded Pullups will take you too long to get in/out of**