Warmup/Mobility) 2 Rounds:


8-10 Shoulder Circles each direction

6-8 Hip Circles each direction/leg

8-10 Leg Swings each direction/leg

5-6 Lunges each leg, 5-6 lateral lunges each leg

60 secs Overhead-Lat stretch with green band – both hands in together

30 secs Low Back stretch each side

10 Air Squats


WOD A) 5 Rounds, alternating EMOM (15 mins):

*5-7 mins to prep/set up*

**All sets should be unbroken – Use bands for HSPU’s if you would like to work on strict volume, plates can be used for deficit**



2-5 Muscle Ups – Ring or Bar, whichever you need to work on

6-8 Handstand Pushups – try deficit if possible

10-12 Pistols – try weighted if possible (Doesn’t have to be alternating)



3-5 Strict False Grip Ring Pullups

4-6 Handstand Pushups

8-10 Pistols – to box or holding band if needed



3-5 Strict Band Pullups @ 3111 tempo

2-3 Handstand Negatives – or 10-20 sec Handstand Hold – or 3-5 Pike Pushups, feet on box

4-6 Pistols to box or Single Leg Lateral Box Step Up


WOD B) 4 Rounds of 40 secs on/20 secs off for total reps (12 mins total time):

Calorie Row       

Toes to Bar (sub hanging knee raises or v-ups/tuck-ups)

OH Walking Lunges 55/35lb plate