DATE – Sunday


Warm-up: Junkyard Dog + Burgener Warm-up


WOD A) In 15 min, establish a 3 Rep max Snatch (touch and go)

-Rest 3 min –

WOD B) 1 x Max unbroken set of touch and go reps at 85% of A



C1) 5 x 3 Hang clean shrugs (Heavy, from just above the knee, straps ok)

Rest  60s

C2) 5 x 3 Bar dips (weighted/heavy) (@3,1,X,1)

Rest 60s


WOD D) 10 Min AMRAP:

7 x Hang power snatch (75/55)

7 x Behind the neck snatch grip push press

7 x Overhead Squats


WOD E) 75 Banded good mornings