DATE – Friday


Warm-up: Dynamic Hip + Shoulder warm-up

10 x ATYT (bent over w/ light plates

10 x WY’s (standing vertical w/ light plates)


Mobility: Lacrosse ball pecs + shoulders


WOD A) 5 Alternating sets:

A1)  Strict Press x 5 (5 building sets establishing a 5RM)

Rest 30s

A2) Max broad jump x 1.1.1 (3 singles, resting 5-10s between jumps)

Rest 60s


(Max effort jumps, 2 foot jump and controlled 2 foot landing. Record A1 only)


WOD B) 3 rounds:

Single arm KB Row 8-10/side (use a bench to support)

Rest 30s

Bent over reverse fly w/ plates 15-20

Rest 30s

Banded Good mornings 12-15 (@3,0,X,1)

Rest 60s