Weekly Programming Schedule: Sept 26th – Oct 2nd 2016


The strength and conditioning benchmarks we are testing this week are from the week of June 27th, if you were in that week then you will have previous numbers to beat. We will be to access most of your data at the TV screens in class, that being said not all of your information will be available to us. Specific scaling notes for example are only available to you through the app. We recommend that you look back to the week of June 27th, and come prepared with that information so that you can get the best and most accurate re-test.
Even if you don’t have scaling notes or haven’t tested these movements before, It’s always good to come in mentally prepared and with a goal in mind for numbers you would like to hit.
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri will be the main test days, with the option to make up for what you missed on Wed classes, or Sat/Sun open gym.

Mon: Bench Press 1RM / Pullup 1RM / HSPU reps / L-Sit
Tue: Back Squat 1RM / “Karen”
Wed: Conditioning intervals OR make up for Mon/Tue
Thu: Dip 1RM & Pullup reps test / non-test WOD
Fri: Deadlift 1RM / 2km Row
Sat: “Air Force” WOD
Sun: Snatch / Clean & Jerk