Weekly Programming Schedule: Oct 10th – Oct 16th 2016

Brigade! The plan for the next 3-4 weeks of training is to work on some higher rep / hypertrophy training. We have just finished a heavy strength cycle and test week, so the plan for the coming weeks is to take the percentages down but reps up, and focus on building some muscle in prep for a new strength cycle. In terms of what to expect exercise-wise, we will be focused on all of the usual weightlifting and gymnastics exercises that are a staple in our program, as well as some accessory exercises to help strengthen the major lifts or gymnastics movements. On that note, don’t skip the “Accessory” work as it is very important to build strength for the main lift or exercise!
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask Tom or Pete.
Have a great week of training!

Mon: Thanksgiving WOD
Tue: Shoulder Press
Wed: Clean / Deadlift WOD
Thu: Gymnastics
Fri: Front Squat / Snatch WOD
Sat: Bench Press / Benchmark
Sun: Snatch / C&J