Program Summary: new training cycle!

Good afternoon everyone! Now that The Open is finally behind us, we are able to get into a new training cycle. Pete and I have been planning what the next few months of training will look like, so here’s a little outline for you all:

Week 1: Test week – we have decided to get a few lifting benchmarks under everyone’s belts, we are doing both a CrossFit Total and an Olympic Total this week. That means you will all have the opportunity to test your 1RM’s in the Back Squat, Shoulder Press, Deadlift, Snatch, and Clean & Jerk – all of the 1RM’s! We will also be testing some gymnastics movements, and some conditioning workouts.
All in all it should be a fun week!

Weeks 2-6: Hypertrophy focused block. What this means is that we will be focused on higher rep barbell and gymnastics work, sets of approx. 6-12 reps, to build muscle as our foundation for the coming strength block.

Weeks 7-11: Strength focused block. Here we will start to bring the reps down and the weights up, focusing on building maximal strength in prep for re-test week.

Week 12: Re-test week!


Week of April 3rd – April 9th 2017

Mon: CrossFit Total (1RM Squat, Press, Deadlift)
Tue: Gymnastics / Met-con test
Wed: Longer Aerobic Conditioning
Thu: Olympic Total (1RM Snatch, Clean&Jerk)
Fri: Bench Press / WOD
Sat: Benchmark
Sun: Clean & Jerk / Strength Accessory