This is the true story of one of our members. It blows our minds to read stuff like this… hope you enjoy half as much as we did…

January 2013, I was rejected for a life insurance policy based on diagnostic tests that indicated I was in rough shape (high blood pressure, elevated sugar levels, liver/platelet issues, etc.). My diet was a disaster, I was sluggish, was ok with living a sedentary lifestyle and often drank coffee to curb my appetite.

I got my renewed blood work results today that showed everything has come back in line – an improvement of “unusual progression” (Dr’s words); aside, of course, for some minor sugar issues because I like Patron way too much.

It’s been three months since Jason whooped me in the intro class but now I’m 25 lbs lighter, am actively monitoring my diet and run 7-10k at least three times a week.

Don’t get me wrong, I still place in the bottom 5% percentile as far as being in peak athletic form because some of you beastly motherfuckers are just insane, and everyone in the city knows it. But my personal progress (not meant to brag but to share) is infinitely higher than most as my life has undergone a total 180 in 90 or so days. To put in perspective, I could barely manage having the bar on my back for the back squat in January and PR’d 225lbs last week.

Some are motivated by placing in the regionals, others (like my boy Markus Jeon simply want to “look good naked”. Me, I just wanted to improve my quality of life and to be able to do what most people should be able to do in their late 20s. Tom, Pete, Jason, Riley, Morgan, Jenn and the rest of the brigade, you have literally changed my life. Thank you.