Tom Highmore

CrossFit Level 3
CrossFit Mobility
Movement Optimum Performance CCP – 1
CrossFit Olympic Lifting

My CrossFit training began in the UK in 2007 when a friend of mine, a personal trainer, introduced me to it. I was playing soccer competitively at the time and weight training, so I considered myself in great condition. Let’s just say that my first CrossFit workout showed me that my fitness levels weren’t quite where I thought they were! I was completely hooked. A workout that looked so simple on paper had me saying, “What just happened?!”  as I was lying down in a puddle of my own sweat afterwards. I knew that I had found a real strength and conditioning program. Prior to starting CrossFit I had been doing a lot of research on how to optimize fitness and performance for my sport – soccer, or “football” as it’s better known in the UK! I had been supplementing my soccer training with some basic weightlifting and gymnastic exercises in a gym environment, seeing some OK improvements and carryover on the soccer field, but never really what I was hoping for and expected. When I started CrossFit, the intensity of a workout and the focus on compound (multi-joint) movements had me moving better than I ever had, and pushing my body in ways that it was more than capable of but had never really been tested to do. The carryover was unbelievable. After training CrossFit during the off-season in 2007, I came in to pre-season soccer fitter and stronger than I had ever been.

Initially my intention was simply to assist me with soccer which was my core focus, but as I began to educate myself more on the philosophy and principles of CrossFit, I knew that this was what I wanted to devote myself to. CrossFit is a program not just for someone who is already active; its foundation is functional movement, its scalable and progressive nature means that no matter where a person is at in their life, they are able to learn and benefit from CrossFit. I initially started coaching at my friend’s gym in the UK, CrossFit Bath, in 2008. Since moving to Canada in 2009, I have continued my fitness journey by training and competing as a CrossFit athlete, and by coaching CrossFit in the Vancouver area. I have a passion for helping others to see and achieve the potential within themselves. I believe in, and witness on a daily basis, the life changing effects that a healthy, strong body has on a person, and how it can carry over into so many aspects of a person’s life. Through constant progression, and hard work, you can push yourself to new heights every day. Couple that with good nutrition and lifestyle choices, and CrossFit can be life changing.