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Today’s Wod

July 15 2018

Big dynamic joint warm-up and stretch out

Front squat, 3 position clean & split jerk warm-up/technique drills

Every 2 min x 8 sets: 3 position Clean (High hang, Low hang, Floor)
You may drop and re-set before the last rep.
Start at a light-moderate weight (~60% of 1RM) and build each set as needed.

15 min to build to a heavy single paue split jerk
(Pause for 3s in the receiving position before recovery)

Every 90s x 12 sets (4 sets of each alternating)
1) 10 Dumbbell Thrusters (heavy but unbroken)
2) 10 Bench supported Chinese Rows @20X2 (use heavy KB’s)
3) 10 Romanian deadlifts (75-85% of 1RM Clean)

3 sets: rest as needed
30-40 Banded good mornings
20-30 Banded tricep press downs
45-60s FLR (front plank on low rings)

Weekly Summary

Program summary June 24th – July 2nd – Week 12 of 13: de-load week

This week will be a “de-load” week, meaning that weights will be a little lighter, and overall volume will be a little lower. We are de-loading in prep for our re-test week next week.
After the last 4 weeks of heavy lifting, it is important to allow our bodies the chance to recover before going for new maxes next week. On that note, don’t try to push yourself to failure this week, try to take care of your body and allow it the recovery it needs. Next week will be the time to go big or go home!
Don’t be shy to ask a coach if you have any questions.

Monday: press / upper body WOD
Tuesday: front & back squat cycle / lower body WOD
Wednesday: big conditioning WOD
Thursday: gymnastics / WOD
Friday: clean / snatch WOD
Saturday: benchmark
Sunday: clean & jerk + Accessory strength

Program summary June 18th-24th: Week 11 of 13: Strength Block

Monday: Push Jerk WOD + UB strength
Tuesday: Front & Back Squat cycle + Lower body strength accessory (+ Opt. conditioning)
Wednesday: Aerobic conditioning intervals
Thursday: Power Clean + Deadlift / LB Strength
Friday: Multiple mixed movement EMOM’s
Saturday: In-house Throwdown (no regular classes)
Sunday: Snatch + Accessory strength

Program summary June 11th – 17th: Week 10 of 13: Strength Block

Monday: Front & Back Squat cycle / Lower body strength accessory (+ Opt. conditioning)
Tuesday: Push press & Pull-up volume + WOD
Wednesday: Power Snatch + WOD
Thursday: Aerobic conditioning intervals (mixed movements Row KBS WB)
Friday: Bench press & Deadlift + Accessory strength
Saturday: Benchmark WOD
Sunday: Clean & Jerk + Accessory strength

Wod Archive

July 11 2018

WARM UP - MOBILITY Dynamic running warm-up + hip/hamstring/low back stretches Review rowing technique and WOD A structure (review strokes per min for warm-up sets) --- Quick warm-up on the rowers 3 x 30s intervals alternating w/ your partner, increase pace and S/M...

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July 10 2018

WARM UP - MOBILITY 4-5 mins cat/cows, spine rotations etc. --- 2 rounds: 10-15 Hollow Rocks 5 Barbell Hip Thrusts + 5 sec hold x 3 10 Straight Leg Deadlifts 10 Bent Over Rows 16-20 Alt. Barbell Lunges WOD A DEADLIFT 25 mins to establish a 1RM Deadlift --- Build how...

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July 9 2018

WARM UP - MOBILITY Red band shoulder warm-up + activations drills 2 rounds: 1-5 push-up ladder (w/ 5-10s down dog stretch btw sets) 8-10 step down box jumps (easy height) 8-10 ring rows WOD A PUSH PRESS X 5 TALL BOX JUMP X 3 Every 2:30 min x 5 super sets: 5 push press...

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July 8 2018

WARM UP - MOBILITY Big dynamic warmup --- OHS, snatch balance, & 3-pos snatch warmup WOD A 3 POSITION SNATCH Every 2.5 mins x 7 sets: 3 position snatch -1 from the high hang, 1 from below knees, 1 from the floor -Start light (55-60%) and build as needed to a heavy...

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July 7 2018

WARM UP - MOBILITY Easy 400m run Big dynamic stretch --- KB, C&J, lunge tech w/beat swings & TTB WOD A CROSSFIT.COM HERO WOD "LUKE" For time: Run 400 meters 15 clean and jerks 155/105lb Run 400 meters 30 toes-to-bar Run 400 meters 45 wall-balls 20/14lb Run 400 meters...

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