DATE – Thursday




Band Pull-aparts, dislocates, presses


WOD A) Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3:

Start first working set at approx. 70% of 1RM Jerk and increase as required.


WOD B) With two kettlebells, perform 5 sets of the complex, resting 2 mins between sets – perform a set 20/10 GHD Situps during rest (Adv/Int – 10 V-Sits for beginner)


5 Clean to Overhead

5 Front Squats

4 Clean to Overhead

4 Front Squats

3 Clean to Overhead

3 Front Squats

10 Swings

ME Strict Supinated Chinups (Band assisted 4-6 reps)


*KB’s are not allowed to rest anywhere other than hang, rack or overhead position. Record heaviest weight used.


WOD C) Band pull-aparts:

10-15 pronated and supinated at shoulder level

10-15 pronated and supinated external rotation, elbows at 90 degrees

10-15 overhead presses from front and behind neck