I was never a gym guy, hated it actually. I’m still not a gym guy. I felt behind compared to what other people were doing as soon as I walked in. I’d get frustrated after a week and bail. Intramural sports and manual labour in university, and beer leagues after were always good enough. But I had recently hit a point when good enough simply wasn’t. I could see the writing on the wall where that sliding scale of good enough was dropping off straight down the crapper.
A good friend of mine told me that she went to Crossfit604 and wouldn’t stop talking about it. She was getting borderline annoying actually, but I could see her love for what she was doing and I could also see the differences it was making to her physically.

I could go into my fist visit at 604, and how the team explained the gym, then put me through a mini grinder workout just for fun, but I feel it’s best for each person to see crossfit with fresh eyes. Or about how the new location of 604 is an amazing space with a lot of shiny new equipment, and great facilities, but if the space was actually in the alley and we did 100′ dumpster pushes and fire escape climbs I’d still go.

The staff at Crossfit604 have managed to create a great and fun community that it makes you want to keep going and going again. One of the things I appreciate is they really, really know their shit, but they are gracious and attentive when passing it on, not selling you on anything.
I don’t want to gush any more than I have to or this could get boring and probably awkward so, if I haven’t lost you (the reader) yet, and you’ve reached that point where you want to work on yourself and not fall off that sliding scale, do yourself right and come in.