It’s always fascinating to me to see tangible results. I especially love this when our clients get to experience this first hand in such a profound way… Thanks Lyle Truden for the amazing kind words.


Today I did a bio age check. I figured it was a good idea since I’ve been doing crossfit for 8 months. Time to check in. I’ve always been in the acceptable limits for blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar, bit I was above ideal body mass index a year ago. This test went great I was able to wall squat longer then the system measured, and plank longer too. There was a one minute time limit to see how many push-ups you could do. Max on their list was 21, I did that in 32 seconds and topped off at 39. When I started crossfit I could barely do 10. I was never super athletic, I feel like an athlete now, I can do chin-ups, hand stand push-ups and climb the rope a good dozen times. Overall my bio age is now 25. I’m 30, so I’m doing great. The gym or box as it’s called in crossfit is filled with amazing people, they get it cause they are going through it too. The pride in a personal best, the push to do a little more, the respect for your body so you don’t get hurt. These are the principles instilled by the coaches. Hard work, but to feel and appear younger then you are, what better reward for working hard?


I never stuck with anything this long before, the gym, a personal trainer, boot camp. I did it for a bit got frustrated with it and quit. Crossfit quickly became a lifestyle. So much so that I even took part of the paleo challenge. This is where the final magic happened. 8 months in you have rock hard abs, but unfortunately for me my culinary school training managed to keep them under a small layer of flub. Well this challenge was the last bit. Eating extremely healthy with the support and recipes from fellow crossfiters on our Facebook page and I kept with it. Now my cholesterol, and blood sugar have never been lower, and my body fat percentage is like that when I was 20. Love handles and that last bit of flub melting away. I’ve never been in such great shape. Crossfit 604 helps make healthy living a sustainable lifestyle. No fad work outs, just honest fun physical training. Thank you crossfit604.


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