WOD A) 15 Min to establish a 1 RM snatch


WOD B) 4 x 3 (Snatch grip deadlift, 3s pause just above the knee, then high pull.)


WOD C) 3 Alternating sets:

C1) 10-12 weighted hip extensions

C2) 20 Barbell side bends (slow and controlled)

C3) AMRAP Strict pronated pull-up (3,1,x,1) (Jumping pull up with 4-5s eccentric as sub)




DATE – Sunday – WOD


Warm-up: 750m Row (for those not in strength class)


Mobility Banded shoulder stretches


WOD A) 3 sets of:

3 times front & back levers on rings (use spotters)



For time:

21 x Kettlebell swings (24/16)

21 x Ring dips

21 x Burpees

200m run

15 x Kettlebell swings

15 x Ring dips

15 x Burpees

200m Run

9 x Kettlebell swings

9 x Ring dips

9 x Burpees

200m run