Wednesday, 7 September, 2016

Dynamic warm-up + Banded shoulder warm-up
Calf + Quad stretch + Post quat hold w/ single leg holds (pistol prep)

5 min to warm-up for muscle ups and pistols:
Beatswings, kipping pull-ups / ring swigs ect
Bench dips / Ring dips / low ring transitions
Plate squats or cossacks / banded pistol progressions etc.

EMOM x 10: 5 sets each alternating:
A1: 3-6 x Ring muscle-ups (choose a number/progression you can maintain)
A2: 6-10 x Alternating pistols

– Work on either jumping/banded transitions or (3-5 strict pull-ups + 5-7 bench/parallette dips)
– Sub banded or rolling pistols, or single leg box step ups (drag toe up/down the box)

EMOM for 30 min (15 rounds of each alternating):
Odd: Row 15 Cals
Even: 15 burpees

Pick a number of each movement that you believe you can sustain over the course of the entire workout.
Score like a tabata workout. Combine your lowest scored round of both movements.
eg: If you are holding 11 Calories, and 12 burpees by the last rounds (or any low round) then your score would be 23. 30 is the highest score possible.
(Workout credit: CFNE / CompTrain)