DATE – Saturday Sept 6th


Warm-up: Dynamic warm up, include some quadruped movements


Mobility: Banded shoulder stretch (overhead, pecs, across the body)


WOD A) EMOM x 9 (3 rounds each)

A1) 20-30s L-sit hold (parallette, ring, or hanging)

A2) 20-30s static handstand hold or walking practice

A3) Kettlebell arm bar – 2 x 5s holds per side


WOD B) Complete for time:

30 Pull-ups

Run 200m

30 Dumbbell push-press (45/30lb)

Run 200m

30 Toes to bar

Run 200m

30 Kettlebell swings (32/34kg)

Run 200m

30 Hand release push-ups

Run 200m

30 GHD sit-ups (Ab-mat sit-ups for Beginners)

Run 200m