DATE – Friday Sept 5th


Warm-up/Mobility: Quick leg swings, hip + shoulder circles, air squats, dowel dislocates etc. (5-7 min)

+ Burgener warm-up w/ dowel


WOD A) Every 90s x 10 sets (20 min total with warm-up)

Halting snatch deadlift + Hang snatch (mid-thigh) + Snatch


– Start at 55-60% of your 1 RM Snatch and build slowly to a heavy set.

– 5 min to warm-up/set-up – coaches in this time tech newer athletes on the movements

– 2-3s pause just above the knee on the snatch deadlift to ensure perfect position.

– Rest 5-10 seconds and ‘re-set’ between the hang snatch and the full snatch from the floor.


WOD B) benchmark “Amanda”

9-7-5 reps of:

Muscle ups

Squat snatch (135/95)


– Sub for muscle ups today is 15-12-9 reps of Burpee Pull-ups or Burpee-jumping pull-up