DATE – Tuesday



Lacrosse ball sub-scap & back of shoulders 8-10 mins

Hip circles/hip opener


WOD A) (20 mins) Snatch: perform 6-7 working sets of doubles, starting at 70% of 1RM and going as heavy as 85% – Pause and reset between reps

*experienced lifters getting working straight away, review any tech/drills with newer lifters


WOD B) For time:


1000m Run Sprint

-Rest 2 mins-

800m Run Sprint

-Rest 90 secs-

600m Run Sprint

-Rest 60 secs-

400m Run Sprint


WOD C) (optional) 2-3 sets:

GHD Hip extension x 10-15 reps – add 10-25lbs if possible

Weighted Plank x 45-60 secs – heavy as possible