Warm-up: 5 min dynamic movement / Snatch prep

Mobility: Banded overhead stretch + Banded squat hold (1min)

WOD A) (10 min)

4-5 building sets of: Snatch grip deadlift, hang power snatch, snatch balance

WOD B)  (12 min)

Build to a heavy single snatch

WOD C) 3 rounds:

C1) 3-5 x Snatch high pulls w/3s pause just above the knee.
(Make sure your weight has shifted to your heels on this pause)

C2) 12-15 x weighted hip extensions

DATE – Sunday – WOD

Warm-up: Partner med ball warm-up

Mobility: Lacrosse ball into pecs + shoulders

WOD A) 3 rounds NFT: (15 mins)

A1) 50’ Handstand walk / 30-40s Handstand hold / 3-5 Wall walks

A2) 3 x Ring front & back levers (tuck position, use spotters)

A3) 20-30s Parallette L-Sit hold / Tuck hold

B) Row for max meters: 30s on / 90s Rest x 8