8-10 mins:
Band shoulder ROM drills & hip openers

5 mins barbell snatch warmup:
OHS, power snatch


Power Snatch x 3

EMOM x 10 mins:
3 T&G Power Snatches – start at approx. 50% and add as needed


Back Squat x 20

10 mins to build to a working weight, then perform 20 UNBROKEN reps at that weight! Approx. 60% of your 1RM is a good target for this, you can however go up or down from that weight depending on how accurate your current 1RM is, and how you are feeling on the day.
This should NOT be an easy 20 reps, the last 5 reps should be the hardest squats you have ever done!
If you don’t manage to do them unbroken, rack the bar, catch your breath and go again until the rep are done!


70′ Unbroken Sled Drag

Build to a max for the day


3 sets:
20 Banded situps
10 rep Single Leg Good Morning w/10 sec hold on last rep