DATE – September 29st  


Warm-up: Dynamic lengths, band dislocates, pull-aparts, raises.


Mobility: Pre-squat hip opener, dowel external rotation, thoracic rotation stretch


Pre-snatch movement prep w/ dowel (Burgener warm-up style)


WOD A) In 20 min establish a 1 RM Snatch


– a full squat snatch is preferred but if mobility or technique do not allow then a power snatch is permitted.


WOD B) AMRAP Wallballs (20/14lb) in 10 minutes – EMOM stop and perform 5 burpees.


– The workout will start with 5 burpees; you will then perform max reps of wallballs in the remaining minute.

– Stop at the top of each minute thereafter until 10 min/rounds is up.

– Score is the total # of wallballs completed.

– If you are particularly slow at burpees, scale down to 3 reps each minute.