DATE – Saturday


Warm-up: Dynamic gym lengths



Couch stretch – 90s/side

Banded overhead stretch


WOD A) Surprise Pottymouth WOD / Warm-up


WOD B) “F#$king Sh*t B@lls” aka “Pottymouth”


Team WOD:

In teams of 3, complete 30 rounds for time. Alternating complete rounds with your teammates.


8 x Overhead squats (95/65)*  (If OHS is breaking down, switch to a front squat)

10 x Toes to bar (Scale # as needed)

12 x Kettlebell swings (24/16kg)**


*The barbell may not touch the floor at any point during the WOD. If it is put down the whole team must complete 10 burpees each before continuing.

**If you have a team of 4, the Kettlebell, must also never touch the ground.