3-4 min aerobic (Row / Bike / Run)
Dynamic Hip + Shoulder warm-up / stretch

With an empty barbell:
Front squat warm-up 3 x 5 reps (Slow down fast up, 3s pause, 1+1/4)
Split press 3 x 5
Clean tech / warm-up


Pause Clean + Pause Hang Clean
One full clean with a 3s pause at the knee, followed directly by one hang clean with a 3s pause at the knee.

5 min to warm-up, then Every 2 min x 6 sets
Build to a heavy but not maximal set of the complex


Split Jerk

15 min to build to a heavy single or new 1RM Split jerk.
– Rest 3 min, then:
Every 90s x 6 sets:
3 x 1 Split Jerk w/ 3s pause @90%
– Rest a 90s segment –
3 x 2 Split Jerks w/ 3s pause @75-80%
– Hold a 3s pause in the landing position of all back off set reps.


Complete 3 rounds for quality:
6-8 x Barbell good mornings (@3,1,1,1)
Rest 10-15s
6-8 x Ring rows (@4,0,X,2) (Lower rings / raise feet as needed but maintain full ROM and tempo)
Rest 15-20s
15-20 x Reverse flys (use light dumbbells or plates)
Rest 60-90s