Banded shoulder warm-up:
Include presses, pulls aparts, rows, lat pull-downs

Then 2 rounds of: 10-15s rest btw movements
20-30s Static HS hold + scap shrug-ups
20-30s Bench/box dip extension stretch
20-30s Scap pull-ups
20-30s Bench / box shoulder opener


Jello Arms
For total reps completed:
3 rounds of:
45s max strict handstand push-ups
15s rest
45s max reps strict chin-ups (supinated grip)
15s rest
– after 3 rounds, Rest 2 min –
then 3 rounds of:
45s max ring dips
15s rest
45s max bent over dumbbell rows (2 x 45/30lb)
15s rest


Partner Row + Kettlebell Carry
With a partner row for max meters in 20 min:
Partner 1: Row for meters
Partner 2: KB Carry complex: (24/16kg)
100ft Farmers walk
100ft Double front rack carry
100ft Farmers walk

– Once partner 2 completes the FW, athletes switch on the rower.
– Score is total meters rowed by both athletes in the 20 min.
– Rx+ athletes, you may use heavier KB’s if you want.