10 mins Dynamic:

Hips, leg swings, toe touches etc.

Band pull-apart/shoulder warmup


WOD A) (20 mins) 2 Position Clean (floor, below knee) + 1 Jerk – heavy as possible


WOD B) 3 sets:

1) Pendlay Row x 5 reps – controlled decent

2) Jumping Good Morning x 5 reps

*3 sets at a heavy working weight




DATE – Sunday – WOD




Hip casual int/external rotation

Banded ankle mobility

Shoulder stretch w/band


WOD A) (15 mins) 3 sets NFT:



Legless Rope climb x 2/1 reps (guy/girl) – start seated on ground if possible

Muscle Up x 3-5 reps

Pistol x 3-5 reps per leg – complete all reps on one side before changing. Add weight if these are easy for you.



Rope Climb x 1-2 reps

Ring Row with feet elevated x 4-6 reps @ 3112 tempo

Strict Ring or Bar Dip x 4-6 reps – add weight if possible

Pistol to box or single leg box step up x 3-5 per leg


WOD B) 5 Rounds for time:


7 Push Press or Push Jerk 135/95lb (first round should be unbroken)

14 Toes to Bar (Modify reps so that first round is no more than 2 sets to complete)