DATE – Sunday Sept 21st

**Reminder there is only one strength class at 9:00am this Sunday, the class at 10:30 will be completing a partner competition WOD from the Squamish event last year**
Warm-up: 2 rounds of: 250m Row + Dynamic shoulder/hip prep Mobility: Roll-out: quads, glutes, lats, upper back (thoracic opener)Pre-squat hip prep
WOD A) EMOTM x 10 – Front Squat x 1Sets 1-2 – 60%Sets 3-4 – 70%Sets 5-6 – 80%Sets 7-8 – 85%Sets 9-10 – 90%
WOD B) Every 2 min x 10 sets: Clean and Jerk x 1- Start at ~60% and build gradually to a heavy set or new 1 RM
WOD C) 3 sets:15 x Stiff legged deadlift (use axle bar for added grip strength work)60s Weighted plank6-8 x Seated dumbbell shoulder press
– Rest 60-90s between movements or as needed to keep quality high