Band shoulder warmup; dislocates, overhead ROM drills, external rotations

Pre-squat hip openers

OHS warmup
Snatch warmup from hang; high or above knee, individuals choice


Hang Snatch x 2

A1) 15 mins to build to a heavy/2RM Hang Snatch – high hang or above knee

A2) E2MOM x 3 sets: 2 Hang Snatches at 90% of A1 ***3 sec pause in the bottom of both reps, otherwise it’s a no-rep***


Snatch Pull x 3

*Use straps here if you have them!
B1) 12 mins to build to a 3RM Snatch Pull – go heavy, but stop when you feel your mechanics begin to change too much

B2) E2MOM x 2 sets: 3 Snatch Pulls @ 90% of B1
-Skip an interval-
B3) E2MOM x 2 sets: 5 Snatch Pulls @ 75% of B1


3 Sets:
Max Strict Pullups @ 3113 tempo (pronated)
8 Seated single arm DB Press @ 3113 tempo
Max GH Raises