DATE – Thursday



2-3 mins Band pull-aparts & presses

Overhead shoulder stretch w/band

*No more than 10 mins


WOD A) Alternating EMOM x 5 sets of each:

1) Behind the neck strict press x 3 reps – heavy as possible @ 3112 tempo

2) Supinated Barbell Row x 8-10 reps

*Behind the neck press will require a wider grip than normal, flexibility will dictate how wide you go here



WOD B) 15 min AMRAP:


200m Sandbag Carry

7 Handstand Pushups w/1 second pause at the top

7 KB Thrusters 2 x 16/12kg

*HSPU progression:

Adv – Guys use 2” deficit

Int – less reps, or work to an abmat

Beg – work on 2-3 controlled negatives, or inverted pushups if negatives are too hard