(max. 12 mins)
5 mins Dynamic lengths: lunges, bear crawls, duck walks

5 reps each w / empty bar or PVC:
Front squat
Hang clean
Split press
Overhead squat (narrow if possible)
Clean & Jerk


A) Clean & Jerk (25 mins total)
A1) In 12-15 mins, build to a heavy triple for the day

A2) Once you have established a heavy triple, strip the weight down to 50% of what you worked up to in A1, then build back up to a heavy double for the day, taking 5-10% jumps.
Focus on getting fast under the bar again during the lighter sets, don’t take them for granted.

Clean & Jerk x 3

Clean & Jerk x 2


Back to Back
20 secs on / 40 secs off x 4 rounds for total reps:
1) DB hang clean & push press or jerk 45/30lb DB’s (DB’s must come to just below knees on every rep)
2) Assault bike cals (reset every time)
*Attack each interval at close to max effort