DATE – Friday


Warm-up: Partner med-ball tosses (5 mins)


Mobility: Barbell triceps smash + banded overhead stretch


5 min to tech and warm up to starting push press + KB weights


WOD A) 10 min EMOM – alternating for 5 rounds.


A1) Push press x 6-8

A2) Russian Kettlebell swing x 12-15


Choose your own loads but sets must be unbroken. You may increase weight as you proceed through the WOD. If 15 Russian KB swings are easy with the 32kg, then try some double Russian swings instead.


WOD B) Partner Sprint workout

8 rounds for time:

Sprint Row 250m

Sprint Run 200m


Alternate complete rounds with your partner (4 each). Your partner may start their row as soon as you step in the door of the gym after the run.