DATE – Wednesday


Warm-up: Dowel Burgener warm-up + Review WOD A sequence


Mobility:  Partner dowel stretches – overhead + behind the back (extension)



In 15 min work up through 4-5 working sets of:


1 halting Snatch grip deadlift (2-3s pause above the knee)

1 hang snatch from launch position

1 snatch balance

1 overhead squat



Technique work on the KB snatch


WOD B) 3 rounds for total reps: (12 mins)


40s max KB snatch right arm (24/16kg)

20s rest

40s max KB snatch left arm (24/16kg)

20s rest

40s max push-ups (Sub parallette, bench or box push-ups)

20s rest

40s max box jumps (30/24)

20s rest



WOD C) 3 x Max effort – L-sit parallette hold (or tuck hold)

– Rest 60-90s between efforts –