DATE – Tuesday



500m run + roll out lats, upper back and calves



Band pull apart series + back activation face pulls

Overhead banded stretch for lats


WOD A) In 10 min establish a 1 RM strict weighted pull-up


(This is part of our testing for this strength cycle. Make sure your pull-up starts from a dead hang with full extension, and your chin is clearly over the bar with no kip. For those without a strict pull-up, start with some easier reps using heavier bands and work down to the thinnest band combination possible and record)


5 min Kipping technique practice – keep pull up volume low


WOD B) CrossFit Benchmark WOD “Nicole”

20min AMRAP:

Run 400m

Max reps pull-up (When you come off the bar your set is done)


Record number of pull-ups completed for each round.  Score to total number of pull-ups completed within the 20 minutes.


(We will be using this benchmark WOD as a pull-up/conditioning testing WOD for this cycle. Be sure to record any progressions used so that the same WOD can be replicated in 2 months.)