DATE – September 1st  


Warm-up: Run 500m + dynamic warm-up


Mobility: Pre-squat hip stretch, Banded shoulder stretch


WOD A) Partner WOD – Complete for time:


10 rounds (5 each) alternating complete rounds only:

20 x Russian Kettlebell swings

15 x Wallballs

10 x Pull-ups


6 rounds (3 each) of:

200m Med ball sprint relay (Use the same med ball that was used for wallballs)


Adv: 30/20lb WB – 32/24kg KB – Chest to bar

Int: 20/14lb WB – 24/16kg KB – Pull-ups

Beg: 14/8lb WB – 20/12kg KB – Banded strict pull-ups/ring rows