Dynamic Warmup/Movement Prep




Teams of 2 Complete the following for max reps:



Buy In: 400m Ball Run with a 40/30lb Slam Ball

AMRAP in remaining time:

30 Goblet Squats 24/16kg (One person working at a time, divide reps any way)

5 Partner “High 5” Burpees (Both partners burpee at same time and finish with a jumping “High 5”)



Buy In: 200m Partner Carry

In remaining time:

Each partner must establish a 3RM Shoulder Press (One bar only, both weights will be added together and count towards total reps)

KB Sumo-Deadlift-High-Pull AMRAP (24/16kg) – While partner A is doing their Shoulder Press, partner B will be doing as many SDHP’s as possible



Buy In: 20 Partner Under-Overs (1 rep = Partner A holds a high pushup while partner B crawls underneath them and jumps over the top)

AMRAP in remaining time:

24 Hand Release Pushups (One person working at a time)

12 Alternating Box Jumps 24/20” (6 reps each, alternating)