Dynamic Warmup



With a partner:

3 rounds for time of:

40 HSPU (60 elevated or inverted push-ups as progression)
30 Partner Burpees
200m Buddy Carry

Notes: HSPU may apportioned in any way, I.E. they do not have to be done in equal numbers amongst teammates. Partner Burpees should be performed like Lateral Burpees. Each teammate should do 2 at a time. One rep would consist of a Burpee, then a lateral jump over the teammate (lying face down on the ground). The 2nd rep would be the same, but jumping back in the opposite direction. Teams must alternate Burpees every 2 reps. The 200m Buddy Carry should be performed with one teammate carrying the other for 100m, then switching for the final 100m (Fireman’s carry style).




50 partner med ball sit ups