Riley Darr

CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Kettlebell
CrossFit Olympic Lifting

As the first child of parents who wanted an overachiever they enrolled me in every activity possible from gymnastics, swimming, dance, ice skating, martial arts, and volleyball. At 8 I joined a competitive swim team, and at 9 I joined martial arts with my family. After a year of doing both at a high level it became unmanageable, so I focused on Martial Arts. I excelled at the Korean combination martial art called Sun Hang Do and by 16 I had earned my black belt, and was competing regularly in weapons, fighting and traditional patterns. I craved the discipline and challenge. I spent another 3 years and achieved my 3rd degree black belt. A few years later going back to my martial arts roots. I was drawn into Muay Thai which I did for 2 ½ years. In a desire to lose a few inches before my wedding I enlisted a personal trainer and spent a few years working with him. He worked predominantly with Olympic style athletes, so our focus became Olympic lifting training, with a lot of regular Kettlebell work, and CrossFit style of training. Not long after that I joined CrossFit and became instantly addicted – it gave me that competitiveness that I was missing from my martial arts days, and the challenge that there is always something to improve on. Since then I have been actively training and competing.I have gotten my Crossfit Level 1 Cert, as well as the Crossfit Kettlebell Cert & Running and Endurance Cert. My goal is to help people move past looking at working out as something they dread, and turn it into the best part of their day. The most satisfying feeling is helping someone learn to transform their lives into a healthy active lifestyle and regain the control they may have lost over the years. This positive effect that I can have in someone’s training and thus transfers into their whole life is unmeasurable in how rewarding it feels.

After spending 8 years in the Music Industry & another 5 years handling International Marketing for Online Gaming, Jason and I decided to take a huge leap, invest everything we had in this world, and create something amazing that we were proud of and loved doing. In August 2012 we opened the doors at CrossFit 604 and never looked back. Fast forward 3.5 years and we have truly built our dream… 300+ members, 6000 square feet, and an amazing team of coaches by our side. Our community is unparalleled & I feel so lucky to be able to go to work each day loving what I do.