This week will be a “de-load” week, meaning that weights will be a little lighter, and overall volume will be a little lower. We are de-loading in prep for our re-test week next week.
After the last 4 weeks of heavy lifting, it is important to allow our bodies the chance to recover before going for new maxes next week. On that note, don’t try to push yourself to failure this week, try to take care of your body and allow it the recovery it needs. Next week will be the time to go big or go home!
Don’t be shy to ask a coach if you have any questions.

Monday: press / upper body WOD
Tuesday: front & back squat cycle / lower body WOD
Wednesday: big conditioning WOD
Thursday: gymnastics / WOD
Friday: clean / snatch WOD
Saturday: benchmark
Sunday: clean & jerk + Accessory strength