Week 13 of 13: RE-TEST WEEK!

Re-test week is finally here!! It’s time to put our last 3 months of hard work to the test! Make sure you are fuelling up well, and getting lots of sleep to give yourself the best possible opportunity to set a new 1RM. You could have worked really hard and gained strength over the last few months, but if you aren’t feeling good on test day because you haven’t slept or ate enough then you might be setting yourself up for failure. Be sure to arrive in the gym feeling positive, and ready to crush some heavy-a$$ weights!! Good luck!

Monday: Canada Day partner WOD – 2 classes only
Tuesday: power clean / bench press test
Wednesday: big conditioning WOD
Thursday: front squat test
Friday: shoulder press / upper body test
Saturday: benchmark WOD
Sunday: snatch + accessory strength
***Deadlift will be tested next week***