Program Summary: July 17th – 24rd 2017

This week will be a test week to start our new training cycle, this cycle will be focused around building strength and power in our lifts, along with some barbell cycling efficiency. We will also have some gymnastics tests as we look to improve our strict bodyweight strength as the foundation to build more technical movements from. Of course no test week would be complete without some challenging met-cons, so we have put together a good mix of short, medium, and long WOD’s, as well as some technical and less technical tests for you all.
We hope you all have an awesome week, good luck with your test days!

Mon: 1RM Power Clean / WOD
Tue: 1RM Push Press / WOD
Wed: Non test day, Aerobic Conditioning WOD
Thu: 1RM Front Squat / Amanda
Fri: Gymnastics tests / WOD
Sat: Hero/Benchmark
Sun: Snatch / Back Squat