Recommended for everyone… no prior experience is required to participate

  • Hollow/Arch/Kipping
  • Kipping pullups/chest to bar pullups
  • Handstand
  • Ring dips / intro to muscle up


Recommended for those athletes who are close to or have their muscle ups

  • Butterfly pullups
  • Handstand walking
  • Ring muscle up
  • Bar muscle ups


With PEDRO PROENÇA at CrossFit 604

CrossFit 604 is proud to announce Pedro Proença’s Gymnastics Clinics! These clinics range from beginner to advanced and everything in between. Pedro’s love of gymnastics has inspired him to spend years coaching all levels of athletes and attending specialty courses with the desire to help people improve and fall in love with gymnastics as well. Pedro has a clear and concise coaching style coupled with progressions to help all level of athletes achieve skills that they have yet to master.


The focus for the beginner is to work on creating a strong and efficient base.  Starting with the concepts of hollow and arch and progressing that to the Pull Up and Handstand.
For some this might also be the first place to get introduced to getting upside down.

The Beginner course is recommended for everyone, from beginners to people with years of experience wanting to build correct movement patters from the ground up. Movements covered:

Hollow and Arch – Progressions to improve your hollow and arch position, how to keep your body connected, core strength

Kipping – Initiation on the bar, progressions, and drills for the kip swing

Toes To Bar – Core strength, strict toes to bar, lat pull down progressions, toes to bar progressions

Headstand – Before doing a Handstand you need to be comfortable upside down

Handstand – Strength drills, learn how to kick to the wall, drills to do a handstand hold

Handstand Push Up – Strength exercises to improve strict HSPU, progressions to understand the timing of the movement going through horizontal, diagonal, and vertical HSPU

Ring Dips – Initiation on the rings, how to properly set up the rings, learn how to do an efficient kipping dip and transfer this to CrossFit workouts

Kipping Pull Up/ Kipping Chest to Bar – Progressions to perform a efficient pull/chest to bar, learn how to string reps with a solid and pretty technique


The advanced course is for those ready to learn more complex movements. We are going to do lots of drills to correct existing movement patterns and transform them into a beautiful and efficient movement.

Level 3 is recommended for more experienced athletes who are almost have their first bar or ring muscle up. If you already have chest to bar pull ups and had contact with high rings before this is the right place for you!

Butterfly Pull Ups – Progressing from kipping to butterfly pull up, drills to learn the butterfly starting with a PVC pipe and finishing on the bar

Bar Muscle Up – Review the idea of bar to the hips during the kip, strength drills, progressions on the box before getting to the bar, get rid of CHICKEN WINGS!

Ring Muscle Up – Progressions to achieve a solid ring swing, drills on the floor to get an efficient muscle up, ring pull ups, learn how to do a proper turn over.

Handstand Walk – Review the correct body positioning, progressions on the box and on the wall, how to safely spot the movement, strength exercises, how to properly fall during a handstand walk

Terms & Conditions

  • Only dates/times listed on your registration are included in your sessions, clinics or seminars.
  • No substitutions or transfer of sessions, clinics or seminars.
  • Cancellations by students are permitted with a minimum of 1 weeks notice. For multiple session clinics the cancellation must be made more than 1 week in advance of 1st session.
  • Refunds on cancellations come with a 15% return fee.
  • Although it is not Pedro’s intent, dates are subject to change. Credit toward the next session will be offered at no cost to the student (unless student chooses refund option in which case the 15% refund fee applies).
  • No credit or refund on missed sessions, clinics or seminars.
  • Clinics may be cancelled or merged with other clinics by Pedro if the required number of spots are not filled.
  • Seminars may be cancelled if the required number of spots are not filled up to three weeks prior to the seminar date.
  • No pay, no play. Everyone in the room must be registered for the session, clinic or seminar.
  • To be eligible for a “Members Discounted Rate” you must have an active membership (punch card and Private Training bundles does not constitute a membership). Memberships on hold at time of registration & session dates are not eligible.
  • Students are required to sign a waiver upon registration.
  • No sharing content  of sessions, clinics or seminars of any kind without prior permission from Pedro
  •  No refunds will be given for unused sessions


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