5 min foam/lacrosse ball roll (address your own problem areas)

Shoulder prep

*2 exercises:

1: Rotation: Take a light KB or Weight Plate and lean over on a bench or against a wall with opposite hand, let weighted arm relax down and proceed to gently internally rotate and externally rotate for 10 reps in each direction

2: Front Raises: Grab KB with 2 hands on handle and turn it upside-down, draw shoulder blades back and proceed to raise it up in front of you for 10 slow and controlled reps. Repeat both exercises for 3 rounds.


WOD A) Bench Press –

Eccentric Loading: 4×3 (4:1:1:1 count) *Athlete should aim to build to 110-115% of 3RM in last set

*Must have spotter to bring weight back up!! Weight should be heavy but 4 second count down should be able to be maintained. 15 mins.


WOD B) 12 min AMRAP:

8 Handstand Pushups (16 Inverted Pushups)

2 15′ Rope Climbs (10 pullups or Ring Rows)

18 KB Swings (32/24kg)