5 rounds:

1 x Length of Agility Ladder

10 x Single Leg RDL (5 per side)

5 x Jumping Squats



Pre Squat hip opener



WOD A) Back Squat

Eccentric Loading to parallel box: 4×3 (4:1:1:1 count) *Athlete should aim to build to 110-115% of 3RM in last set

*Squat to parallel box. Athlete should be able to stand this weight up from parallel but you/a partner can always spot if necessary.


WOD B 15 min AMRAP:

20 Wall Balls (30/20lb Slam Ball)

400m Run


WOD C) GHD Sit Up 3 x 10-15 reps – controlled descent, 2-3 second count.