500m Run + Cal Row – partner up, while one person runs, the other rows practicing their cal/hr pace for the WOD

2 min Couch Stretch per side


WOD A) Skills – 1 min on / 30 secs off x 3 Rounds:

1) Rope Climb – any variation

2) L-sit Hold – any variation

3) Handstand – any variation (including HSPU’s)

*Choose your weakest variation of these movements and get to work on it! Stick with one variation only, don’t change each round


WOD B) Squamish Fall Challenge Team WOD 3:


B1) 6 min AMRAP Sled Push: 50’ hi handles, 50’ low handles – perform 100’ then alternate with partner


-30 secs transition-


B2) 6 min AMRAP Row for Calories


*Score = total team sled pushes as B1 & total team calories as B2